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Our complete dedication to each project and all its particulars has our clients raving about Step Solutions and the work we do.

We firmly believe that strong bi-directional communication is a crucial element in the success of software development efforts. We encourage open, ongoing dialogue between your team and ours, leveraging email and instant messaging as much as possible to keep team members on both sides engaged and informed. This communication is conducted in English for your convenience.

Whether you’re trying to relieve application backlog, add functionality to existing applications, or develop new applications, Step Solutions strict adherence to proven best practices will accelerate the software development cycle and dramatically reduce your development costs long term.

featured projects

Culinary Agents
Culinary Agents is a site specialized to help culinary talent and talent seekers connect for job opportunities, career development and innovative collaborations.

Technology: Amazon Cloud Services, Ruby on Rails, MySQL
Blinds & Shades Cutdown Calculator
Application to assist major retail chains like Home Depot and Menards associates to quickly determine and cut to the appropriate specifications selected blind or shade.

Technology: WPF, C#

City Connect Mobile Application & CRM system
'City Connect' is a new way to interact with your city and municipality concerning problems or issues with publicly maintained infrastructure, city affairs, citizen alerts, safety issues and/or general social collaboration.

Technology: iPhone/iPad & Android Development Platforms, Ruby On Rails, MySQL
Bali Blinds Mobile Application
Complete Bali Blinds product catalog, new virtual swatch abilities, product comparision, energy calculator and much more... This is a one stop mobile application that has all the information you needed to understand and order blinds and shades.

Technology: iPhone/iPad & Android Development Platforms

Abbey Costco - Canada
Development of the Abbey Costco website for odering blinds, shades and swatches online for Canadian Costco Store members.

Technology: ASP.NET, DotNetNuke, MS SQL

American Diamonds Forever
Creation, modification and optimization of the American Diamonds Forever website and admistration control panel.

Technology: Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Knowledge Base Module
Developed a Knowledge Base extension of the existing Helpdesk Software in order to help IT support professionals to be more efficient in problem resolution and reduce involvement of Level II and III support.

Technology: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sphinx full-text search engine

Patient Tracking & Cleansing
Created an interactive web dashboard for the hospital to track surgical patients throughout their stay in surgery.
Completed overhaul of the existing database for the critical systems. From data normalization and restructure to DTS/SSIS re-build, from schema generation and indexation to system stabilization.

Technology: Java, MVC Framework, XML, SQL Server

Boom Financial Dashboard
An executive dashboard that collects data on a daily basis from all the POS machines in the stores, loads and data mines them and pre-populates all the critical reports that are available through secure website.

Technology: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Reporting Services

PSF - Phillips Sales Forces Application Suite
A desktop application for travelling salesman to be able to manage their customers, create quotes and place orders, evaluate their strategic position, synchronization with headquarters and much more.

Technology: C#, WinForms, SQL Server, MS Access, One-Click Deployment

Operation Q: Lab Management Package
Re-designed system for the factory lab management & testing system to capture and analyze all the related data and tests about products being produced and raw materials received and used. The modules include weight measurement data of the produced items off various production lines, vacuum oven moisture testing, finished goods and raw material control. Automatically integrated master data synchronization with home grown ERP system.

Technology: ASP.NET (MVC Framework), C#, SQL Server, Reporting Services

Maintenance Inventory System: xReference Parts Tracker
Created a system to manage SAP related information in sync with internal Maintenance Inventory System and be able to alter data on a fly and generate PI files for the push to SAP.

Technology: C#, WinForms, SQL Server, MS Access, One-Click Deployment

A-NET Tracker
Created additional modifications to the company's IT helpdesk/issue website in order to make it available across the world for the entire IT organization. Setup necessary structure and triggers in order to make it properly function and streamline IT processes.

Technology: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, Reporting Services, FTP Windows Apps

bel-NET Intranet
Came up with a whole new design and development flow of internal Sharepoint Server 2007 website. Setup initial structure and layout that served as a foundation for the future growth and a starting point for the internal development team.

Technology: Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007

Village of Vermont Hills: GIS Refresh
Development of the Abbey Costco website for odering blinds, shades and swatches online for Canadian Costco Store members.

Technology: ASP.NET, ESRI ArcGIS Framework

Global Orphanage Foundation Website and Brand Management
Step Solutions are doing their part in helping out non-profit organization to do something good in this world. Our resources are helping to re-build foundation's web presence and re-establish a better brand management campaign.

Technology:  WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript