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Software Development

Our technical team has great experience in developing enterprise applications using cutting-edge technologies and development platforms.

Microsoft Technologies: .NET & Azure Services
Microsoft's .NET framework allows architects, analysts and developers to spend more time and effort focusing on their client's business issues and less time wrestling with the limitations of the technology itself. Step Solutions Microsoft .NET team develops and delivers comprehensive solutions utilizing the full range of .NET functionality.

Our .NET development team includes a Microsoft Certified Architect, Microsoft Certified Solution Developers, and Microsoft Certified Application Developers and Professionals with broad backgrounds and solid computer science education.

J2EE provides a wide range of ready to use technologies, frameworks and patterns to build enterprise applications. Our senior software professionals will help you design and develop high-quality Java solutions. Step Solutions offshore software development team can help you to get the best return on investments using your existing Java infrastructure. Step Solutions also provides offshore outsourcing services for building interoperable service-oriented applications ready to work in heterogeneous environments.

Using Step Solutions services to build you AJAX application enhances your chances of business success. The result for forward-thinking business executives is an opportunity to move ahead of your competition by acting and innovating before they do.

Ajax, is a Web development technique for creating interactive web applications. The intent is to make web pages feel more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes, so that the entire Web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes a change. This is meant to increase the Web page's interactivity, speed, and usability.

Available for free download, Microsoft Windows® SharePoint™ Services technology can help your teams share information, collaborate on documents, and collect team knowledge over the Internet or corporate network. Our dedicated teams are ready to help you customize your SharePoint sites, build solutions utilizing SharePoint technology, and integrate your existing systems with it.

If you need to develop solutions for SharePoint, outsourcing it through Step Solutions can save you time and money. Our SharePoint developers are respected Russian professionals in this area, and our expertise is widely recognized by the developer community.

As a member of the Windows Mobile™ Solutions Partner Program, the Palm OS® Developer Program, the palmOne™ PluggedIn Program and the IBM® PartnerWorld Program, Step Solutions recognize the potential for mobile solutions in the enterprise market. We will help you build market innovative wireless solutions for Pocket PCs, Smartphones, PDAs and iPhones. Our experience with .NET Compact Framework, J2ME and C++ means we can build mobile solutions for retail, real estate, field service management, transportation, health care, financial services, construction, education and other industries.

Since Ruby on Rails is relatively new technology, it is not easy to find a highly skilled developer. Step Solutions can assemble you a team of experienced Ruby on Rails developers.

Thanks to our extensive experience in Web development, we can help you make the optimal decision about the platform upon which to build your project. We will give you architectural advice whether or not Ruby on Rails suits your project size, requirements and system scalability.

Step Solutions recources are expert in developing database-driven Web applications. We find easy approaches to developing solutions for complex problems, utilizing the Ruby on Rails tool set. Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that increases the speed with which sites can be created. The Burton Group, a research company, recommends that customers consider Ruby on Rails for their Web development projects.

Our teams combine AJAX expertise with successful experience in building Web products from the outset. Step Solutions is a partner that will give you professional advice, help you to develop leading Web 2.0 solutions and save you time to market.

Microsoft CRM
Built using Microsoft .NET-related technologies, Microsoft CRM is easy to deploy, customize and use. It is accessible from Microsoft Outlook® and the Web, integrates with other business applications, and scales as your business grows.

Our experienced developers will be happy to assist you in building a customized solution using MS CRM. Since each business is unique, we develop custom solutions to bolster the best mix of Microsoft products' inbuilt features as well as special modules built for your specific needs.


ArcGIS Server supports desktop, Web-based, and mobile workflows. It helps you protect and manage your mapping information, and it provides a scalable platform that satisfies everything from the simplest to the most complex Web mapping requirements.

ArcGIS is an integrated collection of GIS software products that provides a standards-based platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping. ArcGIS is scalable and can be integrated with other enterprise systems such as work order management, business intelligence, and executive dashboards.

Step Solutions have extensive resource pool that can design and taylor complete GIS solution from scratch.

Application Management & Support

Step Solutions Application Management Outsourcing program has been designed to help clients to off load responsibility for the development and management of a company's production software. Provide all the services needed to support and extend the application for a convenient fixed cost.

This service offers such benefits like:
   - Technological visioning and roadmap
   - On-site, on-shore/off-shore support and development
   - Feature/Release management
   - Code management
   - Testing services
   - Perfomance testing
   - Bug/Ticket management
   - Helpdesk support
   - Application monitoring

Developing and maintaining custom applications is costly for our clients. In today's economy many companies are choosing to cut back on development to reduce their bottom line only to find that they no longer have the skills to maintain existing environments. Application Management Outsourcing Program provides clients with a predictable cost for their development expenses throughout the year.

Dedicated Team

If needed Step Solutions can assemble an exclusive, dedicated full-time technical staff on a long-term basis. Leveraging your dedicated outsource team means you can handle all your development projects quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of utilizing equivalent in-house resources. Our teams are hand-picked to assemble the right technical knowledge and skills to meet your specific needs. Our business connections in Russia, extensive network of resources in the technology community and close relations with top-ranked universities enable us to quickly build teams or add qualified engineers as needed. At the same time, our U.S. management team is always at your service to provide a level of convenience and security that you would never get by working with most offshore development companies. By utilizing dedicated teams, we can effectively isolate each of our clients’ development projects. This allows Step Solutions to unequivocally guarantee the security of your software and intellectual property.If you are providing our proficient services out of the country by means of promoting or through word of mouth and if the outcome is a link between us, we provide you defined referral fee.

We're always available when you need us. For additional information please email us at info@stepsolutionsinc.com or call +1.872.221.2530.

Our advantages

Competitive advantage begins with the team...

Our team of senior software professionals is comprised of skilled, experienced problem solvers, not just coders and technicians. Our managers and software architects have the business acumen to understand your demanding working standards and produce the high quality software products you need. Among our internal resources are one of the world’s foremost Microsoft .NET pioneers. Our teams are comprised of the highest caliber of software designers and developers versed in development standards, best practice methodologies and all of the most popular as well as cutting edge development platforms and technologies. Our Java team has built solutions with open source technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Struts and FSF. Support and development of ERP based systems like Oracle, SAP, MFGPro is also offered and done by Step Solutions.